Hang with CPU spike at the start of an attack where lots of effects trigger.

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No crash.

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I often see the game “stall”, sometimes for several seconds, when my Nether creature attacks.
During this time, my CPU is spiked at 100% while the other CPUs are idle.
I did not see this issue before I installed Trials of the Gods.

Here are my best guesses for the most relevant things about my party required to reproduce this. (I’m not listing things likely to be irrelevant, but feel free to ask more questions about other things I have.)

Chaos God with Perks
All five Sacrifice
Maxed out Savage Screams
Maxed out Touch of Chaos

Mae (multicast casts an additional time).

Most characters have “Start battle with Splash” on their artifacts.

Traits (the likely relevant ones)
Nether Gorgon (Nether version of Deranged Gorgon)
Spur of the Heavens
Thrasher Fiend
(Relentless Hunger)
Mutated Pulse Bat
(Screeching Barrage)
Regal Golem
(Artifact) Abnegation
Reclusive Wight
(Artifact) Carnal Genesis
Geylian Ophan
(Spectrum of Eternity)
(Artifact) Center of the Universe

Spell Gems
Due to Center of the Universe, Every Life spell gem shows up on every character.
Most of my spell gems have “cast on hit”. Due to Chaos God Perks, they cast a lot more often.
Most of my spell gems hit enemy entire party, my entire party, both, and/or have multiple effects.
All of my creatures have all spell gem slots filled (including +2 from artifacts, +3 from Spell Slots perk, and +5 on Nether via Nether items).
Nether creature has 13 gems, and ALL of them have cast on hit.

Here are spell gem examples that I think are especially relevant.
Holy Nova
Multiple instances on different characters
Each instance is duplicated on all 6 characters due to Center of the Universe
All instances include “cast on hit”.
May trigger Abnegation
May trigger Carnal Genesis
May trigger Spectrum of Eternity
Two instances on different characters
Each instance is duplicated on all 6 characters due to Center of the Universe
Both instances includes “cast on hit”.
Panic Attack
Multiple instances on different characters
Nether’s instance includes “cast on hit”.

Here’s my best guess as to the cause.

My Nether starts her attack. She is going to make four attacks.
-) Each attack is going to trigger Screeching Barrage.
-) Each attack can also trigger several spell gems.
-) Each spell is cast multiple times due to Pride (grants Multicast) and Mae rune (Multicast is better)
-) Some spell gems, especially those above, can trigger LOTS of different things to happen. Examples:
-) If Glory triggers, it triggers three times, and lots more spells trigger.
-) If Holy Nova triggers, it can trigger several traits.
-) If Panic Attack triggers.
-) All the other creatures get an attack. They might cast Panic Attack, Glory, and/or Holy Nova themselves.

If all my creatures were could equip Life gems and I had more copies of the relevant spell gems, I think the problem would be MUCH worse.

I’ve seen the following happen at start of battle:

  1. I’m running in turbo mode and I’m holding down ‘E’ (confirm).
  2. One of my character’s Glory spell gems triggers. They only have it because of Center of the Universe.
  3. That Glory triggers Panic Attack.
  4. I get the message at top of screen “Your Nether Gorgon attacks!”
  5. Game stalls for several seconds. Performance monitor has one CPU spiked at 100%.
  6. CPU usage reduces to normal playing levels (about 50% on my machine).
  7. Nether Gorgon’s attacks start. Everything is very rapid (as expected). Fireworks - massive number of spells and attacks pummel the enemy party to death.

Note: If another Panic Attack triggers, the stall happens again when “Your Nether Gorgon attacks!” comes back up.

Note: The more effects trigger from the attacks, the longer the hang seems to be. This is what leads me to suspect the triggered effects are the cause.

Fixing the problem MAY require you to create multiple threads to process triggered effects in order to distribute the CPU load. Good luck. :slight_smile:

What operating system are you playing the game on?

Windows 10.

What game version are you playing? You can find the version number on the title screen in the lower left corner.

Version 2.1.2.

This forum post outlines some of the reasons behind the performance problems.

That’s a useful link, thanks.

Ok, given that info, it may be difficult to optimize, though I don’t know enough about gamemaker to be certain. Even if it literally can’t be fixed in Siralim 2 due to platform limitations, I don’t know if this specific codepath has been performance investigated to see if that’s the case. :slight_smile:

I also look forward to Siralim 3 not having those limitations. :wink: