Happy New Year! 2016 Retrospective

This year, Siralim 1 was launched on Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita. More importantly, Siralim 2 was released on all non-console platforms. Later, Trials of the Gods was released as a free content expansion patch for Siralim 2. It has been an incredibly rewarding year for both of these games, and I’m so grateful for everything that has happened.

A huge thanks goes out to everyone who participated in the Siralim 2 Early Access test, as well as everyone who reported bugs, submitted suggestions, and interacted with the community. Our community has grown larger and better than ever this year, and I hope to continue this trend for many years to come.

I’d also like to thank Tim Bongiovanni from Northgate Productions for his contributions toward our games. Tim has created all the music and sound effects for both Siralim games, including Siralim 2’s expansion patch. I’m very proud to announce that Tim will continue to work with me on my next game as well.

Maarten Boot deserves special mention here as well. Maarten’s original job was to draw the tilesets for Siralim 2’s new realms, and I’d imagine it was very challenging for him to try to match someone else’s art style from Siralim 1. However, Maarten also saved the day for Trials of the Gods as he stepped in at the last minute to draw all the new creatures sprites and creature skins for the expansion. The person originally in charge of these tasks pretty much abandoned us without any notice, and without Maarten, the expansion wouldn’t have contained a lot of the new additions that came with it. For that reason, I’m happy to say that Maarten has already started drawing some concept art for our next game, and he’ll be in charge of handling almost all of the game’s graphics. I believe Maarten’s true potential was held back in Siralim 2 because he needed to match someone else’s art style - for our next game, he’ll have full freedom of creativity, and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with.


Work on Siralim 2 is coming to an end now, with only some bug/crash fixes left in the pipeline along with a Playstation 4 and possible Xbox One release. The game might also work its way to PS Vita at some point, but the fact is, Vita is pretty much dead and it’s incredibly difficult to optimize the game for such a weak device anyway.

Furthermore, I hope to release a final patch for Siralim 1 and also release this game on Xbox One. Yes, I know I promised this patch last year, but as I’m the only developer for both games I simply didn’t have time to work on it as much as I wanted this year. I apologize for the massive delay.


After that, it’ll be time to start working on a new game. It won’t be Siralim 3.

In fact, I don’t know if there will ever be a Siralim 3.

I believe Siralim 2 marks the maximum potential that this series can reasonably attain without completing changing everything that makes it a good game, and I’d rather end the series on a high note than continue to play it safe and pump out sequel after sequel. Aside from that, I’m starting to get a little bored with this formula, and it’s time for me to start experimenting again to keep things fresh for both me and you.

With that said, if you enjoy Siralim, you’ll probably like the next game as well. It’ll still have monster capture elements, roguelike elements, and deep, rewarding, complex systems. It’ll just be a lot more refined, polished, and all the fat will be trimmed out to give you a much more rewarding gaming experience. The graphics will be much better, the user interface will be drawn and implemented by a professional UI designer, it’ll support multiple languages, and will even work with keyboards, mice, and gamepads.

I’m not in a very good position to announce anything more than that, but I’ll leave you with one small hint: Dark Souls meets Magi-Nation. Bet you haven’t heard of that last one, have you? It’s for Gameboy - look it up!


Hope everyone has a very safe and very Happy New Year! Thanks again for all your support - you have no idea how grateful I am for every person reading this post.