Happy New Year! 2020 Retrospective


Was tempted to ping you in discord in general with a major thank you to all of your hard work and tolerating all the zany, off-the-wall ideas we fill Suggestions with, but this feels more… Appropriate. Zack, you broke the mold. There’s no better way to phrase it; After this Kickstarter and your stance on standing by your fans and player base every step of the way, offering not only a monthly check-up, but a way for us to actively try to help come up with ideas and geek out over this delightful ‘little’ game as you so put it…

Being blunt, any kickstarter that I back that doesn’t keep to your passion and drive will disappoint me. I hope your New Years Eve goes by well, friend!

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Thank you so much for your support! I really appreciate it, and can’t wait to share more updates about Siralim Ultimate in the near future.