Hard flee/forfeit key

I recently got stuck in a loop where an enemy (it was a Gimp Mummy, though I don’t think it matters) was constantly attacking my provoking tank (a Stronghold). There were the messages “The Gimp Mummy attacks!” followed by either something like “It did X damage.” or something like “You Stronghold dodged.” And then the enemy would start attacking again, my creatures unable to do anything.
The fact that my Nature dodge-and-recover perk was maxed out basically made the fight impossible to end since every time the perk procced, my Stronghold would heal for a fair amount (i.e. to full health because the enemy wasn’t hitting strong enough).

So here comes my suggestion: there should be a key which, when pressed, automatically makes you flee or forfeit the battle. (A combination of keys would be better, something that would be hard to do accidentally, like LShift + RCtrl + F.) That would create a workaround for this issue. It would be annoying if this happened in the Arena or on Daily Realms, but it would be better than being stuck.

In the end, I had to force-close the game. (Alt + F4 didn’t even work, what the hell?)

I searched the forums before posting but I didn’t find any such occurrences. There’s only one post mentioning a loop (on the TouchArcade thread), but it was just due to luck (resurrecting Lich Overseers) and not due to a bug.

I could have posted it in the Bugs section but since I had a suggestion to go with it, I decided to post it there, instead. Hope it’s fine, and hope if it’s accepted that it will ship with the Quality-of-Life update. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why wasn’t your Stronghold able to do anything? Was it stunned indefinitely or something?


What happened:

[ul][]I went into a fight with four creatures (because I’m currently grinding on low levels and four creatures are enough),
* my splashing Brim Smith killed the four creatures to the right (there was a Mutant Spinewhipper so I attacked him instead of an enemy in the middle lane to be sure to land a hit),
]my Bone Reaper defended,
* my Cinder Devil only killed one of the two remaining enemies,
[]now came my last creature’s turn (the Stronghold), I chose the Provoke option,
]the Gimp Mummy took its turn and attacked my Stronghold,
[]the Gimp Mummy took another turn because he’s a cheater for some strange reason and attacked,
]. . .
[*]it could have gone on forever, so I force-closed the game.[/ul]

(I probably should have taken a video with my phone, but I didn’t think of that.)

So all of my four creatures were still in play and without any abnormal effects, it’s just that the Gimp Mummy (the last enemy on the field at the time) didn’t want to stop taking other turns.

A few bullet points are somewhat blurry and may not be what exactly happened, but what I know for sure is that the Stronghold had provoked before the Gimp Mummy took its turns.

Alright, thanks for all the details! Looks like there might be some kind of bug with the AI that prevents an enemy’s turn from ending, but not sure if I’ll be able to reproduce it since this appears to be an extremely rare occurrence.

Hey Zack, check this out! Juicy information about this really odd bug!

I managed (well, rather got lucky) to recreate the bug . . . not once, but twice! And it permitted me to find some more information about when it happens; not why, though.

At first, I thought it was due to Gimp Mummies since the second time I had this bug, it was another Gimp Mummy (what are the odds?). But I got a different creature the third time, so that theory is not valid any more.

Here’s what happened in both cases:

[ul][]I went into the fight with my four creatures (Brim Smith, Bone Reaper, Stronghold, Cinder Devil),
]my splashing Brim Smith killed all six creatures [1st turn],
[]an enemy got revived by forces of the Death Realm,
]it somehow completely messed up the action queue (explanations below),
[]letting my Stronghold take its turn and provoke [2nd turn],
]and now came the never-ending turn of the enemy [3rd+ turn],
[]. . .
]once again, I had to Alt + Tab out of the game and close it from there.[/ul]

I have absolutely no doubt, this time. And I’m pretty sure it can only happen in Death Realms, it happened there all three times.

So, about the action queue getting completely messed up. My team order is like that: Brim Smith > Bone Reaper > Stronghold > Cinder Devil. In both cases, when my Brim Smith killed all the enemies and one got revived, my Stronghold somehow jumped to the start of the action queue, followed by the enemy (even though—I checked on other occasions—it should revive them at the end of the action queue, unlike a Rebirth effect), and after it my remaining creatures.
I have no idea why it does that, but I have got evidence (two short videos I took with my phone, then turned with great pain into .gifs, please excuse the poor quality):

As you can see, the creature that acted just before the enemy is the Stronghold because it is currently the last creature in queue, and before that, the Brim Smith. The other creatures haven’t played, yet.

(I also think that’s what happened in the first post, but the action queue rearrangement probably had me confused and I probably tried to make sense of it.)

Hopefully, with that, you’ll be able to locate this bug. :wink:

That is a huge help, thank you very much for all the details! It’s definitely coming from the death realm resurrection effect as you pointed out.