Hatchery Completion Not Recognized

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    I’ve just completed the Ritual to build a Hatchery, but the game doesn’t recognize that I’ve completed the Ritual. There is no Hatchery to be found and my current Castle Quest has reverted to “Begin and complete a construction ritual to build a Hatchery”. The table where I initiate Rituals doesn’t have the Hatchery option available (but it does show the next More Creatures Tier as being available). Lastly, the Completed Kingdom Upgrades bookcase in the library doesn’t show the Hatchery as having been completed.

The sequence of events leading up to this is as follows: I’d first done all the steps to build my egg - obtained the gems, enchanted them, leveled them up, completed the orb activations, and met the Nether Creator to create the egg. I then spoke to Damaos to start the Hatchery quest (the first time) and initiated the Ritual. I did some Realms to get energy for the ritual, then returned to the Castle and used a shard to get the final bit of energy needed. I got the Ritual completion notice and went to the Ritual table. At this point things should have advanced. I may have spoken to Damaos again (sorry - can’t really remember), but by now, the completed Hatchery was nowhere to be found, the Hatchery Castle Quest had been reinstated, and yet the Hatchery Ritual wasn’t available at the Ritual table. So, I’m stuck. I wouldn’t mind redoing the Hatchery Ritual, but that option isn’t available.

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    Windows 7

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    This isn’t part of the bug report, but I just wanted to take the opportunity to tell you how much I’ve been enjoying playing Siralim, so thanks!!

Is the hatchery ritual found under your Rituals menu (press Q then scroll down to Rituals)?

Hmm - it was indeed listed in my Rituals menu - not too sure what to make of that - was I imagining things (and no, I wasn’t drinking or anything last night! :)) ), or was it some weird hiccup? Anyhow, I’ve now completed the Hatchery and am now incubating my first egg.

Thanks for the suggestion, and for the amazingly quick response!!