Have you considered trying to get this on xbox game pass

For console and PC? I have played a lot of indie games through the game pass subscription service that I wouldn’t have looked twice at if I had to pay for them up front, and a few I have bought outright after playing them through that service. I think it would be good if Siralim Ultimate made it’s way there sometime after full release, bringing more eyes on the game, which, even in it’s current form is a bloody brilliant game I feel deserves every chance to succeed.

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This is possibly something I’d consider for my future games, but the fact that I used Kickstarter for Siralim Ultimate makes this a bit difficult for me since it would be unfair to people who purchased the game already. Anything could happen, though!

I can’t speak for other backers but nothing would make me happier than to see the game succeed. I hope that regardless what you choose to do Siralim Ultimate smashes previous Siralim records!

I can only speak for myself, but I feel like the extra money I spent was to play the game early and I have gotten what I paid for and more already. Do whatever you can to make Siralim as big as possible I say.

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