Healing in 0.8.0

In 0.8.0, there was a change so that creatures at full health don’t heal. This effectively cripples “Overheal” (Life Mage trait), since it the whole point of Overheal is that it’s supposed to push you past 100% health.

On top of that, there are a number of traits that activate on heals, and now those traits have been severely nerfed.

My guess is that the extra healing was removed to speed up combat (which it does), but it’s also broken my strategies as a Life Mage. Could you maybe add a Punishment that allows for healing creatures already at full health?

My best guess was that it was nerfed for a t1 kill combo. There was a combo with heal where if you took one turn the whole enemey team would die on their next turn. So all you had to do was have one creature last until it was their turn. This was amplified by the punishment where you can go every other for turn order so if their first creature didn’t wipe your team you auto won.

I’m not aware of the combo, so it’s difficult for me to say what would or would not work to fix it. But surely there’s something other the healing change? Way too many other legit strategies are useless because of this change.

Incidentally, the “Everything’s Gone” trait makes it possible to heal right off the bat, so that might be an easy fix for that first-turn combo. If that healing change was made specifically for that combo, the combo might still be severely overpowered.

Everything’s Gone only works on enemy creatures not your own. The combo darkfangs is talking about is Abnegation with one or more of Sense of Purpose/Rejuvenation/Charity together with multiple Everglow and Anomaly (this combo is still borderline overpowered even after the healing change though it should no longer provide an infinite depth option via Carnal Genesis (each group heal had an 88% chance of at least one of your creatures to move to the top of the action queue)

In my opinion the healing change is fine. Healing should be reactive instead of proactive. It is very easy to trigger healing effects on your whole team (Sense of Purpose, Diffusion, Charity, Soothing Rain) making many of the Spirit traits overpowered if you can trigger them at will (Abnegation, Essential Dignitiy, Benefic, Dream of Ice, Carnal Genesis). I much rather have the spirit traits provide good benefits when healing is needed instead of nerfing their effects across the board to balance their effects at full health.