Heart of Darkness not working properly 1.3.8

I m playing Siralim 3 on Win7 via Steam
The version I m playing is 1.3.8
So I did a realm of Friden and for now the Heart was working how it was supposed to be. After I finish the realm quest, I go to the crystal to teleport to the next realm instead of back to Nex. When I enter the next Friden realm the monsters acted like the Heart was dezactivated. And I checked and it was activated. I even tried to dezactivate and activate. That didn t work. So you can figure that I fought all monsters and they didn t run anymore from me if they were to close.

I forgot to mention that I checked the level on monsters. They were more than half of my monster level.

Just found out that depends on the mage level, sry.

No bug here , I m just bad.

You are not bad, you just misread something.