Hello all!

I think it’s just me but I’m extremely indecisive about choices in the game right now. I really like the game because it reminds me of Dragon Quest Monsters but has so much more. Should I just keep going with the same team or should I breed a lot of things or should I try to make my gene strength higher? It’s fun to breed for new creatures but that just seems to bite me in the arse because those new stronger creatures show up.

I really like how I can walk around the level without monsters popping up constantly out of the ground. I like clearing levels.

I keep forgetting about rituals and sigils. I heard there was a suggestion about making the game faster? I think that is good when you know all the buffs and everything, but still being in the beginning I have no idea what the hell is going on half the time.

The UI could use some work. Just the flow of it. It takes a long time to figure out what’s exactly going on with your party. I also have no idea what traits do on weapons. There’s not a library on those. Or some things are missing sorely like being able to just check on your creatures at the stables.

I only have one real bug. In the realm of wisdom I don’t get any favor from experimenting with potions. Only from the telescopes.

I really want pictures on the breeding list. Just the ones you’ve bred. I can’t remember carnage doom or revenant stalker or stupendous cavern slime by name alone.

That’s it for now, sorry for being picky, my brain is fried.