Hello from a gaming dad.

Hello all, glad to be here. Fell in love with the series when I grabbed S1 back in 2015 on Android. I know PC/PS4 are your main install bases, but I will always be grateful for the Android ports. My life is always crazy-busy so right now portability is a must.

I’ve only played about 40 hours of S1, but coming back to the series I decided to jump into S2 and dig in since 3 is in the horizon.

(Anyway, you have a loyal, eager fan here who can help out or contribute too, wherever needed.
I do freelance illustration, and I used to dabble in pixel art back in my RPG Maker Days.)


Anyhow, thanks for the games. You’ve done a wonderful job. They really take me back to the 90’s and 2000’s while still feeling new.

Welcome! Most activity these days is on the Discord server, so you may want to join it (link on the top-right corner).

Ok, thanks!

Welcome! Glad to have you here.