Hello from Poland

Hai guise :wink:

Just bought Siralim 2 yesterday. Was on my steam wishlist for a long time and since it’s 50% off this week, I grabbed it!

I must say that the game is very interesting in design and has a lot of content. I’m playing this one every free moment I have :slight_smile:

As for me, I am a game developer myself and I’m always interested in how the games I play were made. In case of Siralim 2 the most interesting for me is the content management aspect. This (and persistence of game world) I find the most messy and tedious to implement myself. How to develop and maintain 500+ monsters, 600+ achievements and so on in reasonable time? And what technology was used to develop the game on diffirent platforms?

I was searching the web but I didn’t find any post about “How Siralim 2 Was made”. Is there some article somewhere covering this stuff? Maybe some post I missed in the development blog?

Anyway - great game and congratulations Zack on creating and maintaining with heart such original, niche title! Thanks!


To answer your questions: Siralim and Siralim 2 are both made with GameMaker Studio, which makes it pretty easy to port the games to multiple platforms. There’s no real trick as to how the games were made - there’s no shortcut to having a lot of content! I think that the games both suffer from a lack of polish because of this, though, so that’s something I am trying to improve on in future games.

Cool, thanks for the reply! I was betting RPG Maker or Game Maker. I also tought you used some file management code to auto-assign monster images and spell animations and maybe script to generate Steam achievements. Altough I’m not entirely familiar with Steam API and Game Maker capabilities.

As of polishing - dude - you did a great great job putting these huge games together by yourself, more complicated stuff like animations or particle effects would take ages without some automatization to do part of the job for you.


What I found some time ago about automatic implementation of content similar to content in Siralim is the tech talk from GDC called “Tech Toolbox for Game Programmers”, it begins at 7:15, might be useful :).

Now that you mentioned it, I do use one piece of custom-made software to generate the data for creatures. I’m also using a modified version of it for my next game. I’ll write about it in a blog post soon!

Cool. I look forward to that. In the meantime im grinding up my OP combo team in S2 :wink: