Hello from Zauren!

Hey, I wanted to say hi. I’m a systems designer by trade who works in SoCal for over half a decade now. Want to give a shout out to Zack for his amazing work, especially in using Early Access for Siralim 3 properly, by allowing fans to playtest and give vital QA work. Turning the dial to 1,000 and having everything still work out as fun and enjoyable is very difficult! If you ever want bigger bug lists hit me up, I hate filling the support forum with tiny things!

Sup, nice to see people, actually i think filing bugs at the moment is the biggest thing we can do to help the game improve asap :stuck_out_tongue: Though some bugs are simply undiscoverable by anyone but dev himself since we dont even know whats intended :stuck_out_tongue: (Like with creature unlocks:P)