Hello im new here and ive already had a problem in siralim.

So what happened is earlier today I had purchsed the skins pack for 9.99 and the game crashed after the purchase and i loaded the game back up and had to restart so i did got a ways into the game and decided to see if i could swtich skins and its not letting me. To be frank im beyond agitated about this. If anyone can help this issue itd be very much appreciated.

How is it “not letting you” switch skins?

Its telling me i still need fleshwarper coins to switch skins :confused:

The skins should be in your inventory, in the “Consumables” section. It sounds like you’re trying to buy them from the pedestal.

Oh alrighty thank you zack i just thought it would do it from the pedestal because thats where i had first noticed it. But thank you again.

Also - if you breed a creature, the hatched egg will be the original skin. Don’t fear though! The fleshwarper skin will be placed back into your inventory. You can simply re-apply it (or not, depending on your preference). So you never “lose” the skin!