Hello’ My name is Matthew and I’m from Australia. I found out about your game last night because it was on top of the latest ps vita games on the Australian playstation store page. I then went to this website and looked to see if its any good and then bought the game. So far its pretty cool but also a little confusing, probably because it has a deep learning curve.

Welcome to Siralim!
I’m bloodist.If I had 1 tip to give at the start it would be don’t feel like you need to rush the tiers of enemies.
Take those upgrades slowly or you will bite of more then you can chew.Good Luck and happy adventures!
http://castlelibrary.wikidot.com/tips-for-new-players Go here for information on the game!

I second the tier thing.

Unless there’s a monster you’d really like at a higher tier, there’s not really much of an incentive to move up. In fact, it’s quite the opposite; it’s a disincentive to unlock tiers as you face more competition.

It’s actually possible to run everything at Tier 1, and unlock only the monsters you plan to use via trading at the seller. It’s not an easy process (it’s quite random and tedious), but it can be done. I snagged 3x Raven Acolyte cores from a merchant well before unlocking Tier 5.

Also (and this is VERY important) - anything you summon unlocks it for you to fight as well. Many players do not intentionally unlock/summon mobs like Topaz Paragon for this reason. Facing a Topaz Paragon can spell a wipe even at a very low realm level.