Help beating realm 31 boss: The Unguided

I dont know what to do to beat this boss. I have tried different creatures, different artifacts, different spell gems and no luck so far. Most of my team dies before they even get a chance to act, the enemy just casts spell after. I dont really feel like spending more time grinding for a group that can beat this boss, especially since I won’t use them after this. I am about to give up on this game because it’s so aggravating.

You really just need some spells to cast and a team that isn’t 100% attack based. This boss is one of the easiest.

yeah! just use spells! who cares that the boss casts dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens of spells to start out. who cares that you don’t even get a chance to cast any of the spells you have before you die!

that was terrible and really unhelpful advice.

You can’t attack as in physically use the Attack Command due to Scorn, but you can get around this with spells that make you attack. Things like Aftermath, Panic Attack, Fury Swipes, and the like. Shellburst is another great spell, which you can combine with things like Humility to drop his stats fast.

If you don’t want to re-make your entire team, load up on Cast When Hit / Cast On Defend / Cast on Provoke spell gems and Defend/Provoke.

Ebony Treant can provide Mend to your entire team (and it can’t be dispelled), which produces good healing. Just be mindful of Blight.

The good thing about this game is there is far more than one tactic to win a fight. The boss battles are designed to force you to change tactics than to simply attack and brute force everything.

I had a play-through with a party consisting of a single creature. Beat the game at lv 40ish with a GS of 40 or so. I was able to easily defeat teams 5-10x my level, too. of the tactics have changed since the expansion, but the basic concept still functions.

It might also help to know what creatures you are using in your line-up, your spell gems, and your artifacts. I’m sure people (or myself) could give you some more tailored advice with more specifics if your situation is known.

Can confirm that Ebony Ent is pretty great. I’ve had one on my team from the beginning–thought about changing him for something else but he’s been too helpful, haha.

If you can, try to get the traits Book of the Arsonist and Ceaseless Flame–the former gives you three spells (Fire Storm (attacks all enemies and inflicts them with Burn), Inferno (doubles the damage Burn does and extends the duration of the debuff), and Raze (inflicts double the burn damage on every enemy with Burn)), and the latter will randomly cause enemies with burn to get that damage dealt to them MULTIPLE TIMES. I’ve been using Book of the Arsonist for a while now, and my Raven Ritualist (who wears the artifact that has the trait) has been a key member of my team since then. I also improved the artifact by having it give him Arcane at the start of battle, which makes sure he always has enough MP to cast the spells he needs. Recently got Ceaseless Flame on one of my other creatures too, and it works absurdly well with the other trait.

That’s generally what I rely on when I can’t use attacks. Tends to work pretty well, though of course there are things that can counter it sometimes.

Man though it’s been a while since I’ve done this boss fight… if the boss casts dozens of spells at the start, are those affected by the Urhul Tremor’s trait, Shake (which causes enemy spells to fail sometimes)? I can’t remember. I know I tried using one of those things on my team for this fight, but I don’t remember if it worked.