Help me get past realm level 30 please (detailed party info inside)

I seem to start getting whammed around Realm Level 30. Here is my current important mage stats and party build. Any advice on changes?

I am a Level 181 Nature Mage
Power Balance 300%
I have the Raid perk (my creatures go first) maxed out but it isn’t 100% any more at that level (got nerfed a few patches ago).

Party Configuration (numbers indicate action queue order):
(2)Viper Occultist — (6)Brim Smith ---------- (5)Dark Brim Smith
(1)Stronghold -------- (4)Brownie Captain ---- (3)Rapturous Ghoul

Descriptions of all Abilities mentioned for my party so you don’t have to look them up:
Incantation (deals more damage equal to the original damage multiplied by Power Balance)
Stonebark Whetstone (party-wide no glancing blows, mortal blows deal 50% more damage)
Dissection (200% more attack from artifact)
Rally (grant 30% more attack, 30% more luck, and Multistrike to self and creature in column)
A Little Piece of Hell (Splash given to surrounding creatures)
Sacrimony (each time after an enemy dies, my creatures gain 30% attack)
Dark Braze (grants Attack and Luck from artifact to the row)
Steadfast Resilience (creature always has taunt and does not suffer a defense penalty when provoking)
Ascendancy (after dying the first time, resurrect with full health and gain 50% attack and 100% max health)
Lash of Undeath (when any other creature is attacked, 20% chance to prevent the damage)
Grim Aura (creatures take 25% less damage from attacks)
Curse of the Silent (you and your opponent can no longer cast spells in battle)

These are active/effect THE WHOLE PARTY (each creature if it has anything else that isn’t party-wide is listed with it below):
Curse of the Silent
Grim Aura
Lash of Undeath
A Little Piece of Hell
Stonebark Whetstone

Creature build details, artifacts, etc:

Viper Occultist Level 85 Nether
Natural Ability: Incantation
Additional buffs/effects that influence him other than party-wide: Dark Braze
Nether - almost all gems/activations when I made him were for Attack with a little evenly in each other one.
His current base Attack is 5088, then obviously my high Power Balance 300% helps his Incantation.
Level 10 sword mostly Attack with a little Speed and Health on it also, Stonebark Whetstone.
He one-shots almost everything if there is not an odd buff occurring with the enemy. The second Incantation attack does not Splash, only his first attack Splashes.

Brim Smith Lvl 101 Nether
Natural Ability: Dissection
Additional buffs/effects that influence him other than party-wide: Dark Braze, Rally, Multistrike, Proficient
Nether - Mostly attack with a bit in each other category, if I remember right.
His current base Attack is 3664.
Level 10 sword, 8 slots Attack, one Proficient, one A Little Piece of Hell.
He is my main offense. He can wipe an entire enemy party by himself (because of Splash plus his attack being ridiculous when you count all of his buffs once his turn hits) up to around realm level 22 then he starts having problems. Past 22 even if the rest of the team softens them up sometimes he can’t wipe them all out.

Dark Brim Smith Lvl 201
Natural Ability: Dark Braze
Additional buffs/effects that influence him other than party-wide: No others
His current base Attack is 3418.
Level 10 axe, ~2/3 slots Attack ~1/3 slots Luck, Sacrimony
He exists to grant Dark Braze to the Occultist and Brim Smith in his row, plus he does decent damage himself. Was considering Nethering him but I think his slot is replaceable so am just gathering the gems in case I decide to do it. Candidate spot for a replacement creature, but that artifact would stay in the party somewhere, I love Sacrimony.

Stronghold Lvl 104 Nether
Natural Ability: Steadfast Resilience
Additional buffs/effects that influence him other than party-wide: Ascendancy
Nether - he was the Castle Quest Nether I made and I don’t recall how I did him.
His current base Defenses for each category are ~2000, has 1625 health, 2591 Speed.
Level 10 cloak, mostly Speed because I keep trying to keep him ahead of the enemy, some All Defense, and Ascendancy.
He is my main defense he only ever Provokes. He always goes first before enemies even if Raid didn’t activate until we start going past level 25 or so then maybe not, which is an issue. If he does not Provoke before the enemies start attacking they usually immediately wipe my Occultist out, then the Brownie Captain next. Past level 25 he can get one-shotted by some enemies and although Ascendancy then activates, he can’t Provoke again until it is his turn again so the enemies can hit my other party-members until then. So having tank problems here. I am not happy with how he is built and would not mind help on a good build for him. I have plenty of orbs, a few good imbued ones too, to make a new one. Need a new tank, either a rebuilt Stronghold or I am open to suggestions. But I don’t have the mat to give Steadfast Resilience to another creature. If I can guarantee he goes first another way, then I think that would improve him, because I could build a new one for Defense and Health and then his Artifact can pile that on top since I won’t need to waste slots on Speed… but I need to Topaz Paragon or that mat to do it which I don’t have yet.

Brownie Captain Lvl 161
Natural Ability: Rally
Additional buffs/effects that influence him other than party-wide: Multistrike
His current base Attack is 2846.
Level 10 bow, ~2/3 slots Attack ~1/3 slots Luck, Lash of Undeath
He exists mainly to grant the Rally to the Brim Smith above him, plus he does decent damage himself. Candidate spot for a replacement creature. Not happy with the Multistrike he gives, it does not activate enough to be worth it I think, and a Multistrike hit does not Splash.

Rapturous Ghoul Lvl 218
Natural Ability: Grim Aura
Additional buffs/effects that influence him other than party-wide: Proficient
His current base Attack is 3401.
Level 10 sword, 8 slots Attack, Curse of the Silent, Proficient
He exists mainly because I have never found a compelling replacement. He is my oldest creature. Nice ability for the party, nice damage, also good to use for extracting. I am worried to lose Grim Aura since I am having problems dying as it is, and I don’t have the mat to put it on someone else instead. Likely will get replaced eventually however. If I am using the Arena (so no spells by default so I don’t need Curse of the Silent) I swap his artifact for a bow stacked with attack and Shell.

I have been reading around in other threads and have some ideas (the royal phoenix or mite gravedigger plus final oblation looks interesting, but I don’t have the mat for it) and I would love to get the Topaz Paragon (or it’s ability) but have not come across it yet (it lets you go first right?) so instead I have RAID maxed but when that does not activate, it hurts. I could then also re-allocate the RAID points somewhere else if I got the Topaz Paragon, that is a LOT of RPs I could redistribute (I have a potion for it). I would probably max my Power Balance (5 more levels) and then increase Loot hoarding and the like with the remainder, if/when I can do that. I could even re-do my mage as another type perhaps since I won’t need Raid.

I have been hoarding all Major Sigils and I can burn through them on a Level 15 or so realm to try to get any mats ya’ll suggest if I don’t have it in my bag, I might get lucky.

Ideas to improve?

Maybe a Fallen Carnage? Seems like Brim Smith splash could boost the Carnage to consume most, if not all, of the enemy squad during his turn. Word on the street is summoning a Topaz Paragon will hurt you more than it could help on higher levels, so if you don’t get the legendary material maybe try a Raven Acolyte or perhaps a Thunderstruck Pheonix or another creature with a good proc on death ability. Rapturous Ghoul is very replaceable at later levels, without Holy Defiance they can often one shot a creature even with 25% reduced damage

Hmmm the Carnage does look interesting I will try one out. Stick him in the Brownie Captain slot I think until he levels them try him front row.

Also I just realised I have the material for Strength of the World. Oh wow that looks useful. Thinking of making a new sword with 3 slots Speed, 6 slots Attack plus that and giving it to the Occultis and seeing what he can do. I would stack all Attack but it would not be as nice of a whammy if it’s turn was later, as deaths will have occurred… Hmmm, tricky. I will have to think about that. I don’t want to waste the material on a bad artifact build.

Seems like a Strentgh of the World at first to mostly wipe the screen will then activate the Sacrimony buff for my Brim Smith to wipe anyone left at the end of the round. Then build a new nether stronghold to not suck so much and maybe I can delve deeper.