Help! Siralim 3

Hey fellow players. Need some help as I haven’t found the answers I’m looking for from here or discord. Some background is I’m building PDC team.

  1. I didn’t do any hereditary breeding for my dragon queen before making her a nether version. Will she lose out on stats and should I remake this monster?
  2. How do I put skills like power shift, affluence and spooky on my nether dragon queen? Is it from artifact only? But an artifact only can have one of these traits.
  3. I’m looking for certain traits like hellblast, through the gloom and endurance aura. Is there any faster way to get these? or recommendations to get these quicker? Is it just luck?
  1. nether creatures cannot have heredity, even if ur breed ur dragon queen before making it a
    nether, all the heredities will reset to 0 once it is nethered.

  2. a nether creature can have 3 extra traits (1 more from artifact) which u can extract those
    traits that u want with a blood knife, then use the item that u can on ur nether creatures.

  3. try looking up for breeding list and breed the creature with the trait that u want.