Help with Lich Overseer Major Sigil Battle

The major sigil battle with Kupan, the Lich Overseer, is a great challenge and interesting puzzle. After a few attempts, I still do not have a good sense of how the Lich Overseer’s ability works. Exactly what determines which enemies get resurrected? I have tried various strategies, including killing them in groups, one at a time, or even killing all six at once. Any hints? I’m not looking for an exact strategy, merely an explanation of the mechanics of their ability.

Each enemy has a 60% chance to be resurrected with 50% health when the Overseer dies.

Hope this helps :wink:

Focus that overseer first! Lol, that one took me a few to, till I understood what that bugger did. A pesky one for sure. (Makes me excited for when I get to create one! Haha)

So when fighting six Lich Overseers at once, does each one that die inpendently have a chance of triggering its ability when multiple are killed at once? Does this mean the fight is just about endurance, i.e. fighting until all of the abilities happen to not trigger? That seems like it would take an awful long time.

Kill them all in one blow.

I forgot, Zack fixed this, killing them all at once doesn’t work anymore. Unfortunately, I think you just kill them a lot. Until they get unlucky and stop coming back.

Use the Bone Reaper monster, which prevents On Death effects from triggering. Commence happy dance afterwards.