Heredity Question (New System)

I haven’t played around much yet with the new Heredity system (although I will definitely experiment more with it now that getting creatures Primed is easier).

My question is how Health works with this system. Most creatures have Health stats that are somewhat higher than their other stats (not all creatures, but Health seems to be on average higher than other stats), and indeed I can’t find any creature where Health is the lowest stat. (Even low-health creatures like Bats and Liches have some stat that is lower than their Health)

If creatures pass on a -1 Heredity for their lowest stat, does this mean that it isn’t possible to get a negative Health Heredity? (or at least very difficult? There might be a creature that has Health as its lowest stat and I just missed it)

Similarly, is it true that half the creatures in the game pass on a +1 Health Heredity since they have Health as their highest stat?

Or is there something else that factors into the decision of whether or not to pass on a Health Heredity?

Good question!

Health is weighted differently than the other stats to prevent this from happening.