Heretic Blood ability: Casting cost of 20% health instead of charges

  • 0.4.5
  • Windows
  • No crash
  • If you temporarily lose the ability, and you happen to drain a gem of all of its charges, then the ability is restored or you start the next battle with 0 charges, you can no longer cast that gem despite the casting cost only requiring 20% health and no charges.

Edit: Sorry, originally labeled this as Raven Bloodmage ability (the creature I primarily use it for).

Update to this:

It actually seems like once the creature with Heretic Blood is revived, the trait is not reactivated. My creatures had full charges when they lost the trait, then revived the creature with the trait right after it died, but after the battle most of my creatures were out of charges.

Update 2:

I am getting very inconsistent results trying to pinpoint when my characters do and do not lose charges (with the trait that spells cost no charges active). I could really use some help from players that know the game better to save Zack time on this one.