Hey guys!

Hey guys. I just purchased this game about a week ago. It reminds me a lot of Dragon Warrior Monsters 1 and 2 for the Gameboy Color. I loved playing monster-catching games, and this game is right up my alley. So thank you developer for making a game like this! I’m going to be playing this game a lot, and to anyone who wants to hang out, chat, or get to know me check out my Twitch Channel at Twitch TV. It’s www.twitch.tv/classicgamingincorporated

Look forward to seeing you there!

Welcome! Glad to have you here. Feel free to start a thread for your stream here: https://forums.thylacinestudios.com/c/pictures-and-videos

I think you’d get more exposure there. Thanks for streaming Siralim!

Thanks for the recommendation. I just posted. You made a really great game. Keep it up!

Its probably my favorite game i’ve purchased in a very long time. Dragon Warrior Monsters was and still is the best game I’ve ever played, many games have tried to compare to it and they have all fallen short. Siralim is a game that sits on the very edge of that greatness. The music of DWM and the art have captivated me for years. I play Siralim while listening to that music. Anyway, enough about DWM, this game is fantastic. The depth is incredible and worth the time and effort to perfect strategy and you monsters is fantastic. Zack, Slib was an amazing addition. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Anything I could do to help support this game is money well spent. Welcome to the game, its going to be a long fun ride.