Hey there!

Hello, fellow Kings or Queens!

[size=7pt](Sorry for the uninspired subject, it’s tough to come up with these, especially since there are a lot of other similar threads. :()[/size]

I’ve been playing Siralim for the past two weeks and I must say that it’s incredibly good because I’ve already clocked in more than 40 hours (playing about two or three hours straight almost every evening).
I must say that when I found out about it, I wasn’t destined to play it and enjoy it as much as I do. The reason for that is I’m not a fan of the JRPG-combat-system style, but I really like it in Siralim. Maybe it’s the immense complexity (due to the hundreds of abilities and the randomness) that really is beginner-friendly that got me in.
I really like the grinding nature of the game; repetitiveness in a game doesn’t bother me as long as it’s fun. And the art style is wonderful so it’s a real pleasure to play this game!

About my in-game progression: my character is around level 90+ and some of my creatures are around level 110+. I already would have a Nether creature (Brim Smith) but unfortunately I haven’t got any Nether Orb of the colour I want (green for attack)—I’m currently waiting for one to drop with my 30 level-10 gems. But I have a Pink Orb and an Indigo Orb, so now I’m trying to make a Nether Stronghold, but that doesn’t really belong in this sub-forum so I’ll create another thread specifically for that.

Anyway, thanks for creating this game gem! I’m sure I’m going to play it hundreds and hundreds of hours more! I’m hoping to get all the Steam achievements eventually but this is a godly feat, so it’ll definitely take me a while. A good while, though! :smiley: