heya. ;)

Sup guys and gals. Hello from brazil! :slight_smile:
Ive been playing siralim 2 for about one/two months. Dude i’m completely addicted to it… xD
3 yrs ago i started playing siralim 1, but when i reached level 15 and asked my parents to buy it for me, they said they wouldnt… :frowning:
A long time later, i found out about siralim 2 and remembered how cool it was to play siralim 1, and asked them to buy it.
Luckily for me, my parents were in a good mood (probably beacause i got really good grades at school this year xD) so they said yes! :smiley:
Ive been completely addicted since then. Its my second favorite game and i throw away about 2-4 hours of my life everyday on this game! xD
I am a level 102 Sorcery God. My strongest monster is my level 92 Coast Watcher +42. (The damage he can deal with spells is simply insane. If i use mind storm which is a very weak spell, it will deal about 600-1200 damage to low-intelligence enemies!) My favorite monster is my level 86 +44 Fallen Carnage. I really like that “heal full and attack again” trait, and because its attack is very high, it happens all the time.
Gaming is all what my life is about. I play all types of games, but i really like rpg and strategy games. If you ask me, my favorite game is Undertale.
Ok i talked too much. xD So, hello, nice to meet y’all! :wink:

Hello! Nice to see a fellow Undertale fan. :stuck_out_tongue:

We will take over the world someday… xD