Hi there

Didnt introduce myself yet and ive been lurking around the forums for months ! xD

People call me Milo, I am a french canadian, discovered Siralim 1 through the TouchArcade website around a year ago, clocked around 100-120hrs before Siralim 2 was announced, once Siralim 2 was announced and once we learnt that it was about to be everything 1 was but even better i decided to be a patient man… I read pretty much every posts in the development blog, hahaha. Being only on iOS I have yet to play S2, but will very soon :slight_smile:

As far as gaming is concern I am a huge JRPG junkie, my favorite series being Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy.

Once i can play the game i might do more than lurk around so im eager to know you guys :smiley:

Welcome :slight_smile: