Hi Zack, estimated release date for IOS Siralim2?

Hi Zack, estimated release date for IOS Siralim2?

No estimate yet, sorry. Apple simply makes the submission process too difficult for that. I’ll post an update as soon as I can.

sure, i’ve been looking forward to the game for almost a year now. great game!

How about Android? Any further estimation on that platform?

Same deal as iOS :slight_smile:

Been holding out for the mobile port for the best part of 6 months now lol. You ever thought about direct download for mobile first via paypal payment from here? Or on Siralim2.com?

If i purchase on Steam will i be able to link my account to IOS when it is released?

You can use the cloud save feature to move saved back and forth between Steam and iOS.

Why is the latest patch for iOS taking so long?
It is more than two weeks since you posted on Steam that the iOS version would be released within 48 hours.
I am very disappointed that you have not replied to this question in both the TouchArcade forum and the Steam forum.
It is this lack of correspondence that is irritating me the most.
If there is a legitimate reason why then just tell your customers.
Being totally quiet is not reasonable at all.