Hidden on-screen controls still registering taps.

Version: Android 1.1.1

In cases where you are looking at a terminal text box in a dialogue, where advancing the dialogue would cause the text box to close and your on-screen controls to re-appear, if you happen to advance the interaction by pressing exactly where any of your on-screen controls would be, the text box closes and a tap of the corresponding on-screen control immediately registers without a second tap. This can cause loops where conversations consisting of a single text box are opened repeatedly (e.g. talking to Damaos in the castle and closing text box by tapping in the same spot as “A”), or unintentionally reforging an artifact.

This works with all on-screen controls (d-pad, A, and B), and the behavior pretty consistently appears in all terminal text boxes. It is not 100%, but if you repeat this many times by talking to Damaos, it happens more often than not, but it always works on the first time you attempt it after loading a game.

Fixed for the next patch - thanks!