High attack character without speed is difficult due to enemy dodge mechanic

See above - due to the speed differential between the enemy and yourself creating a chance for them to dodge - this makes it very difficult for a high attack low speed character to actually land a hit at higher levels. Creatures with innate high attack and low speed - like giants, etc. are at a significant disadvantage. This also seems to couple the two stats together for attack to be effective.

I think this is a bit unbalanced at this point - particularly as you go further down the levels of the dungeon.

Not sure if this dodge mechanic is capped or not - but part of me would almost like this mechanic removed or otherwise modified - although I know that speed should play a part beyond just starting position in battle. Maybe the critical modifier could be amped up and the dodge mechanic amped down?

I understand this can be mitigated by certain runes, etc. (like Vulnerable - won’t miss) - but I don’t like having to rely on a singular strategy for these kinds of characters.


Dodge is indeed capped out. Just keep on swinging and you’re bound to hit at some point. The best way to deal with dodge-rolls is to either invest a little into speed or get some spells like Mind Trick, Poison Gas or Humility and let them do the talking for you. The entire “Clutcher” family punishes enemies for dodging too.

Defense, however, can reduce damage to 0. Unless the Rage punishment is active. Which strikes me as a tad silly and borderline overpowered.

That’s good that its capped - thanks for the clarification. Yeah I started experimenting with giving my attackers bows - and investing in a bit more speed and it seemed to balance it out a bit more. That’s cool about the clutcher creatures - I have yet to run into them actually so I’m curious how they would mix in with this.

Do we happen to know what the equation is for dodge (or critical) exactly? And its max cap? I know its based on speed differential but am unsure beyond this.

There is also a rune that makes them unable to dodge if they have weak (zar). As a bonus they cant deal criticals either.

There is another that makes you unable to miss and increases your odds of critical if they have vulnerable. (nax)

Although not sure what unable to miss is in this setting, but pretty sure that removes any chance due to speed-dodge, but not dodge from trait.

Easiest way to apply the debuffs for this is wormrot obviously, but there are other options as well for that

Debuffers/buffers should be in every team comp imo. Passives like salted earth, and spells like shadow infusion/necromantic armor/blur/Tsunami will help you out a lot. Its never a bad idea to roll 1 or two slots with speed either.

There are ways to use the attack stat aside from… attacking. Spells which force your creature to attack are particularly useful for attack based teams, as they don’t seem to be affected by dodges.