Hiya folks!

Suddenly realized I never introduced myself here. I go by BabyCharmander, though you can call me BC. As you can tell, I’m a big fan of monster-raising RPGs. Obviously I love the Pokemon series, though I’ve played and loved other monster-raising games too, especially Dragon Warrior/Quest Monsters.

A few months ago I was browsing Reddit and saw an ad for this game. Normally I ignore ads, but when I saw something like “retro-style monster-raising RPG” I just said “yep,” went to the Steam page, read some reviews, went “yep,” and bought it. I don’t typically buy games on a whim, but I did for this one, and I am GLAD I did.

I only have about 20 hours logged into the game so far (I’d play more, but then I’d get no work done :P), but my GOSH do I love it. This game is basically everything I ever wanted out of a monster-raising RPG (aside from interacting with your monsters, but Pokemon delivers pretty well on that front). Admittedly I’m pretty bad at games involving any kind of strategy (I SUCK at the sigils, but I’m trying), but I’m still thoroughly enjoying the game even when I’m getting my butt kicked.

Also I am an artist (I never know whether or not to call myself a “professional” one–I have a degree in art and have been commissioned multiple times, but it’s not what I do for a living right now) and I love the monster designs in this game, so expect fanart. (When I have time anyway, haha.)