Holy Blast targeting enemies by default is...... questionable

Holy Blast is a Life spell that sets a creature’s HP to 25% and then gives that creature a 200% HP barrier. For some reason, this spell is set to target enemy creatures by default, instead of allied creatures. This doesn’t become a problem, until you realize that any traits or anything that makes one of your creatures automatically cast Holy Blast makes it cast it on the enemy creatures… which proceeds to give them a giant barrier.

I like playing Warden a lot, which triggers auto-casting pretty often, so I have to choose between either just not using Holy Blast at all (which is a shame because it’s a great spell), or use it and deal with the fact that enemy creatures will probably get a 200% health barrier for no reason every now and then, instead of my own creatures.

I’m not sure if this spell targeting enemy creatures by default is intended, but if it is, please do change that - I don’t really see any reason why it should work this way personally.

I can almost imagine it’s good for reapers, but I don’t think their effect triggers if it just a barrier, so I think I’d agree.

The other combo it’d work well with is trait/spells that shatter enemy barriers to deal damage, but I feel like shattering a 200% health barrier to finish a 25% health enemy isn’t all that logical, so there’s that too.

Yeah, I’m not saying that casting it on enemies is useless, I know there’s some synergy to be found there, it’s just that it’s a more niche use than just giving one of your allies a gigantic barrier which is what I and, I imagine, most people use it for. It’s a very good defensive spell but the fact it autocasts on enemy sucks a lot.