Hound or Thylacine and End game?

Hey guys,

Newish to Siralim 2 IoS and just defeated Misery and looking for some help and advice.

I initially went the Thylacine build with 1 of each Hound but found that I was either super OP or died super easy eg: Blight, poison + blind, curse + blind, scorn etc.
So I tried running a 5 Hound and a Doom Fortress and am enjoying that!

I am currently Chaos but don’t feel that’s a good class for either build, I was considering either Death or Life.

Can you actually summon creatures to fill the empty spots Thylacine leaves?

I was thinking the synergy from Blood hound’s “Blood thirst” +% heal for each Hound combined with Life’s Luminescence, Overheal and my Artifact with Charity would make nice big shields. I also have a artifact with reinvigoration and another with Resilience Aura to help keep everything alive.
Is that build viable for endgame? I’d look at making them Immune to Blight as that’s the biggest obstacle I can see.
Open to suggestions :slight_smile:

Also is there any point running the normal realms past realm 40? Or should I just go to Nether realms now?

Thanks for any help

If you are using the Thylacine, you should be a Nature Mage with the Lone Wolf perk. It will probably solve all the problems you’re having.

Thanks mate, I missed the resist debuff part of Lone Wolf, It’s working out well.

Also found a really cool non Thylacine hound build in Holy, each time you attack you get huge def & att buffs 3 times, so by the second round it’s 250k+ attack. On a boss without trying I was getting over 2 million attack and def each time the buff triggered, only issue with it is its very text heavy and gets tedious spamming A