Hours spent on Siralim; How many you think you will end up spending on sequel

380; hoping I will spend at least 1,000 hours on the sequel. Want to crush all the time I wasted on pokemon!

I did three playthroughs to the point where I reached a few hundred realms in and got bored of brainlessly mashing enter, took me about 60, 30 and 20 hours respectively - hoping to get at least that much playtime out of a single game of S2 before I reach the point where there’s no reason to keep going.

Longest one on my phone is 70 hours, I had one with 45 on my old laptop when I had Steam. Had to have put in at least another 40-50 on other saves now gone too… Hmmm… I need to quit my job and play Siralim like some sort of depraved, Herculean marathon.