How are artifacts' primary stats determined?

Is there any rule to how the Primary Stats are generated on artifacts? At first I assumed that artifacts of the same level always had the same primary stats and they just increased when the artifact leveled up, but that’s not right. I have three level 2 Armors right now, and their primary stats health bonuses are 196, 212, and 255.

Some of these differences are pretty large, and it seems like artifacts that are generated later in the game generally have higher stats. This is annoying, since the first artifacts that I gave my creatures are pretty high level now but they have pretty low stats. For example, my Brim Smith has a level 10 sword with 42 attack, but I just found a level 2 wizard staff with 70 attack and 70 defense. That means that if my sword had primary stats that were as good as an artifact with 8 fewer levels, it would have about 100 more attack than it has now. That is very significant, especially on a Brim Smith.

Primary stats scale with your level at the time you received it. The upper limit on secondary stats for reforging scales in a similar fashion.

If that’s true, then we should be able to reforge primary stats along with the secondary stats. Without that, the primary stat on any given artifact will slowly become more and more obsolete over time, which seems not to go well with the idea of leveling up artifacts in the first place.

Good point, radfordblue.

I believe this is a mechanic meant to encourage players to keep progressing with new artifacts. Gaining artifacts would kind of lose its purpose if all you needed were perhaps 7 or 8 artifacts that you get early and never change out. Everything after that would just be empty and annoying clutter. This mechanic let’s you develop and experiment with your artifacts, letting you hone your crafting while giving you stronger “clean” artifacts to do things better with. I’ll always keep my dear early game main artifacts (that I wish I could name! coughZack pleasecough) simply as mementos to reminisce about that fun time. However, my current creatures will have much more aptly crafted and enchanted devices. I didn’t like it either until I came to realize this purpose in the mechanic; now I’m certainly pleased by it.

Does reforging the secondary stats still scale according to your progress? I remember trying to reforge a stat and it said it was below the lowest possible number, and I was able to get it to the highest possible number.

It was something like:
Attack: 20
Possible Values: 30 - 50
and I was able to reroll that Attack to 50.

The reforging ability scales with your character’s level, so secondary stats can progress with you. However, secondary stats don’t increase their values automatically in any way, so you have to reforge it to get any possible increase available.

As you increase in level, the range of possible values on a reforge increases, so it may say Possible Values: 500-1500 for eg.