How do I get Prophecies?

I’ve hit Itherian realm 10+, Standard realm 100+, and unlocked almost all god bonuses, but still no prophecies. I recall seeing somewhere that you meet somebody named “Eliza” in Itherian level 5, but that didn’t happen. Am I missing something?

You need to unlock the Divination Candle (Surathli) and Altar of Blood (Tartarith) first.

The candle was the last thing I unlocked, and I haven’t been to an Itherian realm since. >_< So close.


I still think Zack should revisit the unlock requirements for the Prophet. (Unlocking the Prophet is difficult and time-consuming if you don’t visit this forum to learn how to do it.)

Alternatively, a quest that points people in the right direction could work. (Gain Reputation with the God of Light. Gain Reputation with the God of Torture. Seach for the Prophet in the Itherian Realms)

I think the Prophet is an awesome feature in the game, but I expect that many players give up on the end-game without finding the Prophet or evening knowing the feature exists. That is, I think the Prophet is too important to be a secret feature.

I second Noetherian’s post. At the very least, make the “prophecies” page in the Library a little less cryptic.