How does Caustic Cerberus ability actually work ?

This creature can’t cast spells directly. Your creatures have 5% more Attack, Intelligence, Defense, Speed, or Health for each non-temporary Chaos, Sorcery, Nature, Death, or Life Spell Gem this creature has equipped.

Does it work as follows:
Chaos -> Attack
Sorcery -> Intelligence
Nature -> Defense
Death -> Speed
Life -> Health

Equipping 5 Chaos gems will result in 25% attack ?

That’s correct.

Thanks Umaro :slight_smile:

Hmm is there any way to allow a creature to equip gems that doesn’t match its class besides the Sorcery Mage perk - Spell Mastery ?

Chaos Mages have a limited version of that, the Spell Tap trait will allow that too, or putting that trait on a creature’s artifact of as a Nether Creature’s trait.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: