How many realms until you find a Nether Boss?

I saw one of those Nether Crucibles(?) right away after they were added to the game, but failed to defeat all the guardians. After that, I never saw one again. Is that normal? I went through like 30 realms yesterday, still nothing. Upon entering a realm, I use Pandemonium Tokens until the realm is mapped out. Then I complete the realm quest as quickly as possible and go back to Nex to spend my resources before going to the next realm. I always check the whole map, but never see any crucible.

Is that somehow the wrong way to go about it? I feel like I should have found one by now… Let me know if it just is that rare and I’ll keep on grinding^^

I’m pretty sure they never appear if you go back to the castle after every realm. The chances get higher the more you advance without returning.

Good to know. I’ll take on those realms kumite-style and see what happens :slight_smile:

But seriously, this should be noted in the library. In Siralim 2 you had power balance cost to incentivize you to NOT go back after every realm. In Siralim 3 there is no reason, except maybe laziness. But usually, I want to at least go and grind my runes and upgrade my talismans with the powder.