How to get Slaughter Knifes?

I played through the whole Main Story only with my start monster Ugat (as a nature mage), which i turned into a nether creature and shortly after i got through the story an update was released which set my level back to 50 (the update set the level cap to work properly) from about 110. Now i need some slaughter knives to increase the level cap of my monster and cant seem to get any except for the one Tartarith gave me.
Ive tried to increase the favor level with the other gods in hope of someone selling them and im done with 10 of them but for now no one sells them.
Is there a reliable way to get some Slaughter Knives while at the moment being capped at level 60 or should i simply start training other monsters and change my tactic completly?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: