How to not get fried by spell damage?

This is a bit more of a proactive question than a reactive one - I can usually complete battles before things get dicey around realm 25, but I have noticed something that is not far from becoming a real issue. Direct damage spells are incredibly painful at this point; Aftermath is usually an instant kill, and Armageddon can one-shot multiple party members. I’m a Life Mage, so I can go deep into Calmness, so there won’t really be a problem for me; but how do other mage types handle it with only a maximum of 15% reduction? Do you just tough it out with high max HP?

On deeper realms you either use high-speed builds or negate spells with Hurricane/Mummy. Your enemy will consistently bring more spells and more spellpower than you can, so you have to negate that strength rather than compete with it.

The Spell Power scalling is, admittedly, a bit whacky in its current form as it’s dependent on a combination of your level and the floor you’re on. Meaning that if you’re using a team of “youngsters”, they’ll get torn apart by any AoE spells. The best way to combat this is, as VagrantSun pointed out, to use the Nightmare Mummy’s, or the Hurricane’s, abilities to fizzle enemy magic. Another option is to get a Topaz Paragon, as it’ll let you get the first move, no matter what, if you’ve got a particularly aggressive team.

The issue though being that they’re all pretty darn high tier creatures and that it can be very difficult to find Legendary Materials until you can reliably get to floor 10 and beat Major Sigils.

My suggestion would be to faff about in realm 1-5 until you’ve got a decently synergetic creature combination going and some propper artifacts.

I have only been playing the game since the Steam release, but I have started a bunch of new games to try out different approaches to the early-game.

In virtually every game that I have started, my first party wipe comes from a AOE spell that kills multiple creatures instantly. This typically happens the first or second time that I venture to depth 4.

It is possible that I just have a tendency to visit depth 4 too soon, but when my party is able to solidly win most fights on depth 4, it is a bit frustrating to get wiped because the enemies happened to have a powerful AOE spell.

Any advice that anyone has for avoiding spell damage wipes in the early game (i.e., before I complete my first Nether creature) is appreciated.

Wyvern Sonicscreecher is the only thing I can think of, and even that is unreliable. It’ll delay spells, but not stop them, and the first spell cast won’t even care.