Howdy everyone!

I just bought Siralim on Steam yesterday and I have logged I think over 9 hours in already. It’s a great game. I’ve just finished unlocking all the realms and the third tier of creatures. Now I’m working on the gem tower. I actually found a nether orb so I have one already even though I haven’t gotten far into that castle quest yet.

I play a lot of different monster taming games and this one is probably one of my new favorites already because it reminds me so much of one of my old favorites, Dragon Warrior Monsters. :slight_smile:

Do you guys have any tips for a newbie? So far I’ve been investing a lot of my royalty points into better spoils of war, and I have two level 31 brim smiths with attack boosted swords that can pretty much one shot every thing. Oh and I am a life mage but I haven’t really messed around with any of the perks yet. I can’t decide which ones are the best to invest in. Just been dabbling in the character stuff and some of the creature traits.

Focus on Spoils of War, Loot Hoarding, Better Minor and Major Sigils. Also if you see a spell that has potential beyond simple damage or causing a damaging status effect consider expanding the size of your spellbook to fit it if its already full. Oh and go ahead and increase the maximum Ritual Size at least once.

Thanks. :slight_smile: I went ahead and increased to four maximum rituals last night because I was working on my first nether egg project and I didn’t want to wast that free energy.