Hows it going everyone?

Well, after years of drudging through the abomination they call the mobile gaming market, I’ve all but given up hope of finding an addicting, deep, rpg. ( Only other game that was worth my money was KOTOR) Until an innocuous reddit post, I stumbled upon this game.
To the players: Hows it going I’m storyoftheworld and I’m looking forward to meeting yall.
To the devs
As a big fan of dragon quest monsters when I was younger, ( I may have dumped 1,000’s of hours into 1&2) I was instantly hooked. In summary thanks for making this game, its a genre that really needs to be explored. Thanks for no microtransaction and waiting time nonsense. Keep working at it, you’ve made a game to be proud of.

Welcome to the forums and thank you very much for the kind words! It’s great to see that you’re enjoying the game.