HP Gene strength so low?

I’ve bred a Revenant warrior up to gene strength 1449, but for some reason it’s hp is terribly low.

It’s other stats without equipment are over 10k, but it’s hp is barely 1k

Have you been breeding it with the really HP-heavy creature types like Strongholds? It might be that it doesn’t transfer much due to most creatures being on the lower end with base HP (most are around 25-29, while there are a handful above 40).

I’ve been breeding back and forth with revenant sub species and their base hp is in the 30s, I’d imagine their hp to actually end up larger than any of their other stats

They have around 27-31 it looks; there are quite a few species in the 40-43 range. It’s possible it may not be considered a “priority stat” on them, though I’ve noticed myself it can be finicky to get much HP from gene strength. Give something like doom fortresses, pit worms, masochists, cerberuses or golems a try, those all tend to be around 40 and let me know, I don’t have the leveling speed to really test definitively on this :frowning: