HP vs. Defense

Now this is a fairly old topic, but i am a newer player. I have to agree with Vagrant and consider this one of the biggest “flaws” of the game. The fact that defense feels useless. Way too much bypasses defenses entirely. I think that any splash/cleave etc damage should still be mitigated by defense, that in itself would give defense a much larger use right away. Atm the only use i see for defense is for reflected damage based on your defense. And even then its possible to argue that just having a much more durable tank with some other ability (like stun reflect) can still outweigh it.

Personally i think spells should fall into a class and be mitigated damagewise aswell. But in any case defense needs to matter more. Just as your defense matters very little, so does the enemies. Take sigils which usually have the one really tough guy. Your attack not enough? Use cleave/splash/thrust etc and hit the guy next to him.

IMHO all damage that is not %-age based should belong to a type/class and always be mitigated by defense. Obviously it would be a large undertaking to rebalance alot of abilites, but it would bring defense to a useful level. As it stands now, stacking health is just better.

Zack’s nerfed HP enchants since then, so it’s balanced out a little more.

I do think it’s a little odd that splash/cleave damage isn’t mitigated by defense, but I’ve grown to love it. Figuring out how to use my midnight feast/splash Brim Smith to kill nether creatures from sigils without attacking them directly was a fun experience.

If Defense mitigated splash damage then Mortarsman would be the worst creature in the game. Halve your damage so that you can deal piddly amounts to all enemies? No thanks.

Yeah, I think I should have said “it seems odd at first”. I definitely think it’s the right way to handle it in the context of the rest of the game mechanics.

I did say it would need major rebalancing. But it still seems to me that pure hp > defense by a large margin. Only time i ever consider using defense gems is for penant reprisal / refraction or the like. If survival is the main concern i always go for hp.

Don’t get me wrong, i love the game, just find it odd that defense is so weak.

How about “extra” damage abilities, should they be mitigated? Those that add a secondary damage component after the attack. Those that scale of the initial damage work fine. Those that do not however maybe needs some sort of mitigation?