Humility and Equality [Bug] [Suggestion]


Humility sometimes doesn’t change stats. I was using Humility with “extra target” and sometimes nothing happened, most times 1 got stats removed and nothing on the other, and sometimes both got their stats removed. Not sure what was the cause of it failing (not just not showing?).

In general, with multicastiing, Humility and Equality behave different than I expected. It doesn’t actually “set” the stats the same, it adds/subtracts the stats individually to the difference of highest/lowest and then gives it as a stat bonus/malus. This is a snapshot though, so you keep gaining those stats on a multicast, overshooting the “target” stat.

Suggestion: Make Humility and Equality behave like Abyss Spectre’s trait, make it “set” the stats as a value in one go. With this change though one would have to remove stat +/-% and cast twice.

0.0.41 Win 10