Hunter Traits

Perhaps I am missing how this particular mechanic/trait is intended to work, but I want to report it here just to verify. First things first:

  1. Windows
  2. No crashes here, but the bug seems to be that Hunter’s additional attacks which trigger from their traits seem to randomly stop in combat. To clarify, I’m currently in a battle and my history looks as follows:

[P] Faith Hunter attacked [E] Faith Hunter.
***** You Faith Hunter attacks! *****
[E] Faith Hunter took 21115 damage.
[E] Faith Hunter was killed.
[E] Sand Giant took 7289 damage. (Glaive of Prayer)
[E] Sand Giant was killed.
[E] Light Hunter took 7289 damage. (Glaive of Prayer)
[E] Light Hunter was killed.

…and that’s the end of the history and of my Faith Hunter’s turn. There still remains 3 enemies alive on the enemy side. I am running 1 Light Hunter, 1 Faith Hunter, and 2 Hunter Directors and I am currently a Nature Mage with 3/3 in the Forest Pact perk.

For some more information, my team is currently Sand Giant (Rapid Regeneration, Vigor, Darkness Surrounding, Charity, Ruby Attunement), Light Hunter (Glaive of Hungering, Abomination), Faith Hunter (Glaive of Prayer, Singularity), Hunter Director (Director’s Cut, Furor), Hunter Director (Director’s Cut, Song of Alacrity), Forest Priest (Zealot of the Forest, Beast Within). The battle above was with the mirror orb in the Azure Dream realm which copies my team. I’ve noticed this behavior in many other battles as well, and most frequently seems to happen when another enemy effect/trait comes into play like returning attacks or effects which activate on dodge. If necessary I can edit this post to add additional information. For anyone viewing, thank you for you time and consideration.

Edit: To add to the information above, each hunter trait that I’m running currently seems to drop in damage when in does actually trigger multiple times. The most common occurrence I see of this is the first 2 instances of damage dealt by this trait will deal full damage, then the next 2 will be half that amount, and then another 2 at half the previous amount. I can’t really tell why this might be happening and if it is intended then it is unclear to me.

Edit 2: So far on fights with single enemies (Mimic) the Hunter’s traits seems to work consistently. I.E. with 4 hunters and 3/3 in the Forest Pact Trait I was hitting the target 7 times with every hunter.

It’s not an effect of the particular trait but of combat itself. Combat mechanics are: All actions that happen on one creature’s turn are calculated all at once. Because of this it is possible to have attacks that have already been calculated go to dead (actually “in the process of dying”) creatures. It happens to enemies too if they happen to kill some of your creatures with a string of attacks.

Within the same turn, attacks aren’t recalculated just because a creature died. Next turn, only the 3 remaining creatures would be valid targets. This is also why you don’t see it happen with Mimics, no dying creatures to hit.

I wonder if the combat log could make it a bit more clear. Maybe something like:
[E] Sand Giant attack missed. (Glaive of Prayer)
[E] Sand Giant is already dead.

This makes a lot of sense now, thank you! I’m not sure if this is a technical limitation, or not, but it definitely changes the power level of some creatures. Which maybe is a good thing, I don’t know. I do really like your suggestion, however, of making it more clear to players in the log what is going on.

Thanks again for your reply!