Hypermice's Breeding Adventures

Hello! People have been asking questions about breeding, so I will share my adventures in breeding here.

This is what my team looks like at the moment. It is not really “finished,” but it is fun to play with for now even in an unfinished state. (My nether creature only has one ability so far, because I am still looking for the mats I want.)

Lightning Cerberus (My Nether Creature, I chose it because I like how it looks and it has high health.) Nether Aura: Health + Derision, Artifact has Optimism
Whispering Shade, Artifact has Carnal Genesis
Ceaseless Maker, Artifact has Sense of Purpose
Irantha Ophan, Artifact has Singularity
Regal Golem, Artifact has Everglow
Clairvoyant Spirit, Artifact has Sense of Purpose
(Note: I cannot figure out how to put a picture in my past without it being an attachment. If someone could explain that, I can give more details including screenshots of these abilities.)

When I started running with this team, I summoned them all fresh at the same time. My ideal in breeding (at least for now) is this: I play until my creatures are my mage level, then I breed my whole team at the same time. To do this, I use faries for enough power balance to breed them all. (I always check the merchant in town for more faries, I seem to always have enough for now.) Breeding them all together keeps them the same level, which I like. After a few breeding sessions, they started needing rituals to hatch. I have a second team I use for the rituals. Basically I load them up and go to floor 1 with it altered to go to the time place. Grab the pink orb (it gives ritual energy) and find the portal to the next floor. Repeat until ritual is complete, easily killing things that bother me in my quest.

The way my team is set up, I mostly need HP, and maybe some Defense. Not attack because all my damage comes from Abnegation. For that reason, I breed my team with Necropolis. Except for the Ceaseless maker, because that is actually a breeding combination. He gets to breed with Regal Golems. Both creatures have high health and defense, so that is what they contribute to their eggs. (In theory. Actually in practice they have a whole bunch of different things from genes, or at least that is what is looks like on the detailed stats screen. I don’t understand that screen much.)

One important thing I have determined: When I mixed creatures of my level with Necropolis of various levels, it seems to have the same exact effect, as long as that level was at least my own level. The ONLY difference I found was the egg had a difference of starting xp (from the deity perk that eggs keep 25% xp) but that is fixed in a few battles. I did not try with any creatures below my mage level. At every one of these breeding sessions, my creatures were at or slightly above my mage level. Same for the breeding mate. Sometimes I gained more or less levels before my creatures were my level, due to using different teams or sometimes sigils (creatures level much faster than me in sigils.) I always breed them the earliest I can, so as soon as they reach my level.

[ol][li]Level 130 Creature +6 Gain: +6[/li]
[li]Level 145 Creature +12 Gain: +6[/li]
[li]Level 164 Creature +18 Gain: +6[/li]
[li]Level 192 Creature +26 Gain: +8[/li]
[li]Level 200 Creature +36 Gain: +10[/li]
[li]Level 219 Creature +49 Gain: +13[/li]
[li]Level 242 Creature +67 Gain: +18[/li]
[li]Level 259 Creature +91 Gain: +24[/li]
[li]Level 271 Creature +124 Gain: +33[/li]
[li]Level 290 Creature +169 Gain: +45[/li]
[li]Level 343 Creature +238 Gain: +69 (Mage level was 303 on this one.)[/li]
[li]Level 326 Creature +328 Gain: +90[/li]
[li]Level 362 Creature +451 Gain: +123[/li]
[li]Level 391 Creature +625 Gain: +174[/li]
[li]Level 409 Creature +859 Gain: +234[/li][/ol]

Note: All my creatures come out with the same + each time, despite one of them being mixed with a different creature.

As you can see, my creatures are making more gains each time I breed them. I hope to continue and log them here to share.

Team 8-16.JPG

Just to clarify, your chart is 1. [Mage Level] [Pedigree Creature’s Level +Gene Strength] [Increase in Pedigree Creature’s Gene Strength] ?

And you’re always breeding with a Necropolis/Regal Golem with 0 Gene Strength? I’m glad you did this, because I’ve learned a lot from it.

Yes, that is exactly what the chart is. I learned a lot along the way, so I thought I could share =)

So necros are high on health and defense. Most all creastures have the same 20-24 base stat at level 1 so i’m not 100% sure…who would you breed for a strong int gain? Strong attack gain? Speed? When you breed your main creature that’s like say +100 do you breed it with a base creature +0? Have you tried taking 2 monsters that were leveling in the stable, combing them for a +6 or whatever than combine that with your +100? Does it change anything? I’m so confuseeeeed

Go to the Bestiary on the wiki- http://siralim.gamewiki.tips/doku.php?id=bestiary, and click whatever stat you want on the top (so Int.) Click it again so the table is sorted by that stat with the highest at the top. Get lots of those creatures as breeding stock. This is not always a foolproof method. It seems that it has something to do with what the family in general has high stats in, rather than just individual creatures. I found that I was getting more health genes from Regal Golem than Necropolis, despite Necropolis having higher health.

Level only matters if it is under your mage level. If you are mage level 250, get both parents to 250 before breeding. It will give the most stat gains that way. You can breed them before they are your mage level, and you will still gain stats proportional to their level, but not the most you could gain. Even if you breed at level 1, it seems you will never lose stats through breeding.

I have only really mixed my team with +0 creatures, I am not sure what the difference would be if I mixed with +6 instead. (By the way, it seems +6 is the most you can get out of two +0 creatures, even at very high levels.) Given that my creatures started making crazy gains after a few rounds of breeding with +0, I would say don’t bother with the extra extractions and power balance needed to mix with +6.