I Don't Know Any Of You

It’s crazy but with the upcoming release of Siralim 2: Revenge of Son of Siralim, I realized I’m familiar with many of you through lurking threads and the chat box, but who you are as humans is unknown to me. So here I go with me:

I am a human being from Maryland, USA. Born and raised. Ironically, I am currently employed at a crab shack as a cook. I make good money but have been occasionally dabbling in a legal cannibis shop part time in DC. I occasionally consider moving there and doing it full time, but then remember I fear change to an unhealthy degree. I have a wife of 4 years and no children, and have a pug that sheds everywhere.

Feel free to share some stuff, or perhaps ignore this thread entirely. Namaste

I am a student in Bournemouth, UK, studying scriptwriting. The release of both Stellaris and Siralim in May happens to coincide with my final year’s major project, making my life very difficult!

Recently life has been very hectic and dramatic for me and my friends, and I fear it is not over yet! That being said, 2016 has been a great year so far, and fills me with hope for the future and makes the pain of the last year or so lessen!

Vector of Infection you shouldn’t let fear dictate your actions! The worst kind of mistakes are the prolonged ones based on fear (Which I make regularly).

I am a 38 year-old computer science professor in Florida (Tampa area). I am just finishing my first year of teaching. Before this year, I worked for a company doing research and development for Internet security technologies. One advantage of teaching is that the work load is lighter during the summer, and so I am very glad that Siralim 2 is coming out in May and not September.

I recently reached my 10th anniversary with my brilliant and gorgeous wife. We meet in High School in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the road through life that bright us together and down to Florida was somewhat rocky. However, we have reached a point where things are stable and life is really good.

In celebration of our anniversary, we are going on an incredible 10-day vacation to the Mediterranean after the semester ends. (We never take vacations like this, but at 10 years of Marriage, we decided to go for it.) With my luck, Siralim 2 will release on the first day of our vacation – May 25 – which probably wouldn’t be good for our marriage . I am hoping that Siralim 2 releases soon enough that I can experiment with the game a bit before we leave – to sate my appetite – and then start a serious run when I get back. (My wife is doing some field research in Japan this summer, so I should eventually have plenty of time for Siralim 2.)

My wife and I don’t have any kids, but I have a pair of nephews up in Minnesota whom I adore – but don’t see nearly often enough. The elder nephew is 8 – probably a bit too young for Siralim – but at some point I need to convince him that there are good games out there other than Minecraft!

Hi everyone !

I’m french and I live in the northern region of France. I’m 36 and I work as an IT engineer. I’m married and we have a 4 years old little boy.

I’ve discovered Siralim on summer 2014, a few months after it was out I believe. I’ve played the game non stop during a year, until summer 2015. Then I have stopped playing for various reasons, but I have kept reading the forum.

Like a lot of people here, I’m very excited about the upcoming release of Siralim 2.

This thread is awesome.

I prefer to remain a somewhat anonymous human, but I enjoy reading about your lives.

I’m a french men 35 years. and since 15 years to the Réunion island (a French department in the Indian Ocean)
no children and this is not in my future plans!
My favorite games are the roguelike in ASCII played in a window MSDos / console.
I find the ascii has a charm like when you read a book.
For example this symbol:
it represents a wall…allowing to you to create your texture in your head!

Hi, I’m Zack. I live in Ohio on Lake Erie, where the winters are beautiful and the summers smell like dead fish. I’m 26 years old and have a masters degree in business administration. I have a cat who likes to sleep on my computer mouse, forcing me to use the cumbersome touchpad on my laptop most of the time. My favorite games include Final Fantasy Tactics (just the original one…they ruined all the others), Dragon Warrior Monsters 2, and Final Fantasy 14.

I started programming when I was 16 when I made bots for games like World of Warcraft, Warhammer Online, Age of Conan, and Runes of Magic. Due to legal issues, I had to choose a more legitimate profession and opted to create apps for the Google Play store. After things seemed to be going well, MTV filed a copyright claim on one of my apps and proceeded to steal the entire idea behind the app including the icon. This also led my Google account to getting banned. An aspiring entrepreneur getting bullied by wealthy corporations - the dream.

Hi folks! Pleased to meet you all.

I’m Ray. 35 yrs old from the UK and currently living on the island of Jersey with my Portuguese wife, step daughter and new born baby girl.

I work in the finance department of the islands postal HQ. Boring but pays the bills lol.

At home I’m and avid RPG buff. Prefering mainly retro JRPG’s and Roguelikes, but with the odd crawler thrown in for good measure. I also QA for a brand new indie studio and we are currently working on a hardcore side scrolling RPG with plans to announce a greenlight campaign this summer. I have had various other minor successes QAing for the same crew, different studio and worked to push a Steam release out many moons ago haha.

Super excited for S2 as im sure you all are too!

I am 25, I love rpgs and anime… I live in North Carolina. I prefer graphics that have anime attributes. :slight_smile: I like to be helpful! I really like this community with how helpful the people on here can be! I can’t wait for Siralim 2.

Goodness me we are a motley crew. I love it, you are all my Siralim family. Drink with me. Cheers

Im 28, my time is spent playing old school rpgs like siralim and diablo-clones, or rocket league (our team just got ranked as number 7 in the norway, yey). If im not playing games, Im probably enoying a good book (currently very likely written by brandon sanderson or jim butcher)

As a student in biological physics I will be writing my masters thesis on neuroscience this fall.

Im the guy that spends as much time in the menu looking at items or planning stuff as I do actually playing the game.

@Respwner your field of study sounds fascinating, what will your thesis be on specifically?

I’m 26 years old, from Germany and study psychology while working part time as a personal trainer at an upscale gym & crossfit box - I’ve an obsessive personality and so I try to find obsessions not too harmful, like Siralim orr working out lots and lots, otherwise it would probably be gambling and hard drugs.

Eversince playing RO as a teen I’ve loved being part of small and intimate gaming communities, they serve as an escapism from my stressful day to day life as time seemingly disappears when I play a game whose intricacies are only known by a few handfuls of nerds strewn across the world - it gives me a nostalgic sense of wonder that was lost when games started being datamined and compiled into faqs and wiki’s.
It’s the opposite of my studies and the fitness industry, both of which are overly full of largely useless information. Siralim 2 will be my Arcadia.

I will get to know the specifics next week, but it will most likely be about extracellular potentials in some way (looking at concentrations of ions (Ca, K, Na) outside the cells and how this describes what happens inside the cells in the close vicinity).