I don't succeed to restore my save

Hello everyone, (sorry for my english i’m not a good english speaker)
I have a big deal, my hard disk was dead yesterday and i try to restore my save file.
I found in my former hard disk" D:\user\Myusername\appdata\local\siralimultimate " a folder save from the 19/04 (the last time i’ve played siralim) but i dont succeed to restore the file with steam they said they don’t find any save. Has someone had an idea or there is no solution ? I’m very sad that I lost my save with 200 hours of play.

Another time sorry for my bad english I hope that somebody can understand me haha.

Make sure you place the file in C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Local\Siralim Ultimate\save. In the save folder, there should be a file that ends with .sav.

Thanks for your quick answer but it seems that i’ve definitely lost my save because nothing happens when I put my config.sav (the only file with .sav) in the folder.
is there a way that I receive again the “swarm” skin with three bat for the alpha player at least ? I love it and i’m sad that i never can"t recover it.
Even if it’s impossible thank’s for the time that you have spend for the answer and thank for this game that I love so much !