I found a crash (Imp Shaman + Timewalk)

The crash seems to be the interaction with Imp Shaman’s trait and a Nature-swapped Timewalk spell gem.

“When your creatures cast a single-target Nature spell, they have a 50% chance to cast the spell on all the creatures fighting on the target’s side.”

When casting timewalk- it has crashed 3 times, and not crashed 3 times. It still crashed after removing any additional enchantments from the Timewalk gem when I tried narrowing down the cause. It definitely seems to be the 50% chance that is causing it.

Thanks, fixed in the next patch!

Honestly it could also be because I was using pandemonium wrath, too. I’ve tried using a chaos-swapped timewalk and it seems to crash whenever I cast timewalk too many times :frowning: