I keep returning to the castle when switching apps

Switching apps or relaunching the game on Android results in going back to the castle. From there I have to re-enter the portal to the monster dungeon, which shaves a percentage off the loot I get AND changes the optional secondary goals for the dungeon.

How do I remain in the dungeon when switching apps or loading a save file? Constantly reverting to the castle and having my secondary goals changed results in the game being rather frustrating. I feel like I’m spinning my wheels. I understand this game was originally developed for desktops, but being able to remain in one spot when switching apps is a necessary feature for me to enjoy the game while commuting.

When you switch to another application, Android tries to free up memory so that it can run the new application. It’s likely that Android is killing off Siralim so that it can run whatever app (such as making a phone call or using Facebook) you’re using. Unfortunately, this means that there is nothing we can do about this on our end.

When you exit the game, the dungeon you were in is not saved, but any progress you made (experience, items, etc) saves anyway. Each dungeon takes about 10-15 minutes to clear completely, so this shouldn’t be much of an issue.

That may be true, but I’m not aware of any other games that lose their game state when this happens. Does something similar happen to Siralim on iOS when the app loses focus?

Bard’s Tale on Android comes close to having a similar issue. If you exit the game without saving first you get a dialog telling you that there is unsaved progress and it asks if you want to recover it. As near as I can tell, Bard’s Tale essentially journals game state while running and can reload it when you launch the app again.

“Unfortunately, this means that there is nothing we can do about this on our end.”

Nonsense. Adding a layer to journal game state when the app loses focus and reload it again is perfectly possible. The Return on Investment may be too low to be worth the work, but that’s different than being impossible.

“When you exit the game, the dungeon you were in is not saved”

That’s not accurate, at least not on Android. When I go back into the dungeon through the castle portal the explored areas are visible. The emptied chests are still empty and the defeated monsters still quite dead. The dungeon is still there. Its state has been preserved. The only thing that HASN’T been preserved is the location of my party within that dungeon. We’ve been moved back to the castle.

Since the dungeon persists, how about you modify the game save system just a tad so the secondary objectives are stored and reloaded with the rest of the saved dungeon, and you can go back into a dungeon you’ve already visited without paying the portal use penalty a second time? I’d still be reverting back to the castle, but if the secondary goals don’t get reset and I don’t have to pay the portal use penalty again, it becomes a quirk instead of something that interferes with my enjoyment of the game.

“Each dungeon takes about 10-15 minutes to clear completely, so this shouldn’t be much of an issue.”

Protip from someone with a bit more software customer support experience than you: Telling the customer that their negative experience with the product isn’t that big a deal only annoys them. It doesn’t help. Honestly explaining why the problem is too expensive to fix, that tends to work a bit better.

When you exit the application the dungeon is not saved. When you exit the dungeon still in game is a different thing. Bards tale actually runs a service in the background that self-terminates after saving. An app cannot do anything once it loses focus unless it runs as a service. Running as a service is however not recommended for anything that is not actually a permanent service.

So while it would be possible for Zack to fix this issue, it would be against recommendations from google with alot of overhead. You can however turn down the background cleanup if you have a rooted phone. so its not so agressive. Alternativly run a phone with a larger RAM.

As a side note i can list about 80 games that also lose their save state when this happens. Which is about half of those installed on my phone/tablet. It’s not at all uncommon. I personally prefer it to those that run a persistent service thats left behind and not terminated when you exit the game, which unfortunatly is quite common too.


I just wanted to say that I prefere the proper way it is programmed. I like not having another programm running in the back although I closed it. That just would eats more energy.
So at the end longer lasting usability of the phone is what I prefere, so thanks Zack for the way it is.
I for my part see it as a costomer support and would interpret the other option as a los. So different person, different oppinion. You’ll not be able to please everybody :wink: Your choice but you’re doiing a good job.