I miss building my creatures.

So siralim 1 had the nether orb where we had a fun side job to build this special creature through these orbs.

Siralim 2 had breeding where I got to enjoy building my team to be even stronger after breeding and having to plan my breeding to build on the stats and also not knowing exactly how the end result was going to be was kinda exciting.

Siralim 3 so far I’m done main story, lv300 creatures been doing Sigil a which are pretty awesome btw. I’m just missing the whole side job of building my unique creatures and not sure if tomes helps this? But I can’t find any of that lol.

Also breeding feels so, not siralim to me atm. It’s simply doing it for a new creature and a +1 / -1 to a stat which maxes out after 15 points.

When I find eggs it hasn’t been as exciting as it use to be like in siralim 2 they always had unique gene stats so it gave eggs more mystery. So far all my eggs have had herditity (sp?) but no bonus stats or anything. Maybe they do later on?

Is there anything currently in game I’m missing that does allow for the creature building feature that siralim 1 and 2 both had. I understand not everyone likes this but maybe in future something can be brought back and allow it to be a feature that can be on or off. I use to have the inox apocalypse with very high defence and right now I can’t really do that. Not sure how anyways.