I own it on Steam, i have to buy it again on Android ?


I have the game Siralim 2 on Steam, i have to buy it again on Android ? There is no cut in price for previous owners ?

I dont see why they would discount it, especially with the mobile version being only 5$

You should actually feel lucky you dont have to pay the same price as the PC version twice.

They had to put time and effort to develop the game for mobile platform, when they work its normal that they will expect to make money with their efforts.

If you buy a game on xbox, you wont get a discount for buying the same game on playstation.

I bought the game on Steam day 1 to support Thylacine and have not touched it on PC since I prefer my Siralim on iPad/iPhone when commuting or waiting for appointments or relaxing outside. Nabbed it ASAP on iOS when it released this week and am absolutely loving it with 13 hours played already and my productivity plummeting. At $5 for the app that’s less than 50 cents per hour of amusement and the more fun I have the cheaper the cost/hour. That’s a pretty insane bargain for my entertainment budget. In my own humble opinion, ‘either’ version is worth $20 considering the quality and near limitless gameplay.

If you enjoy the game enough you want to play it on a second different platform… it’s hard to argue the developer hasn’t earned the extra $5.